LinkedIn’s New Focused Inbox Surfaces More Appropriate Messages

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LinkedIn is updating its messaging experience with a new ‘Focused Inbox,’ which aims to reduce spam and surface more pertinent messages.

The next time you login to LinkedIn and open your inbox you’ll see an alert welcoming you to “Attempt Focused Inbox.”

Credit: LinkedIn

Clicking the button shown above will instantly filter your messages into two tabs.

Focused Inbox uses AI to recognize crucial messages, which it filters into the ‘Focused’ tab while the rest are sent out to the ‘Other’ tab.

Considering there’s an AI aspect included it may take time for LinkedIn to learn your inbox choices.

You’ll have the choice to move messages in between tabs, or revert back to the standard messaging experience if you don’t delight in the Focused Inbox.

LinkedIn is making this modification in uptick in direct messaging, which the business says is up 20% compared to in 2015.

In an e-mail, a LinkedIn representative states:

“This function is the most recent in a series of improvements we have actually made to help members have more productive discussions and link to opportunities through LinkedIn messaging. With discussions up nearly 20 percent given that in 2015, we’re seeing more experts on LinkedIn are relying on messaging to connect and engage with each other.”

LinkedIn’s Focused Inbox is now readily available worldwide to all users.

Featured Image: metamorworks/Best SMM Panel